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Family Systemic Constellation


Post in Family Systemic Constellation

The Family Constellation is a therapeutic method of conflict resolution, which exists within what we call the Family Field.

The service can be online or in person. 


Individual constellation with dolls.


Radiesthesia and Radionics


dowsing e radionics

Radiesthesia is a science that reads the sensitivity to radiation. 

It is in this field that I perform the Energy Analysis (EA) of clients, and I structure an individualized service, promoting balance and energetic well-being. 

circle of life


Circle da Vida

A systemic psychotherapy of mirroring the unconscious to bring lucidity to a process, helping to understand how the dynamics of emotions work in the face of a life issue, and thus have the opportunity to balance them._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

Quantum Bioresonance Analysis


Quantum Bioresonance. 

Method based on the principles of acupuncture, which performs a check-up on the physical/organic system through the resonance of light waves, and detects the functional state of the human body.


Quick and painless exam.




It is a graphical representation of the family system. The Genogram provides information on structures, relationships and family dynamics. 


It contributes to understanding the functioning of the family system, identifying loyalties and patterns.  

human therapist


Human therapist training

The method used by the Humanotherapist is an approach created by Andresa Molina, which starts with an Analysis on the Quantionic Table, followed by treatment with spiritual cleansing, treatment with Tachyonic Energy, Emotional Unblocking Therapy (TDR), psychological cleansing and suggestion of coordinates.  



Basic and Intensive Course


Basic course

"It is a Therapeutic that expands, in the man, the perception of himself. They are renewing energies that stimulate, in the area of the conscience, the awakening of the experience of the transforming power and the regenerating force... A new Therapeutic action that offers us the opportunity adequate way to reach the synthesis of life..

...through flower essences, they have the power to expand our consciousness, heal us and align us with our SUPERIOR SELF, transforming us into wise, conscious, healthy and happy human beings."

Excerpts from the Book: Saint Germain Flower Remedies - The Twelve Divine Rays - Neide Margonari



Regression Therapist

Regression Therapy is a tool used to reassess pain from the near past, that is, from the moment of conception to the present moment.


Emotional and mental pains are captured from conception, since the baby in formation is connected to its mother's energy field, and from the 18th week of gestation, it begins the development of its synapses and neurons, conducting information and emotions felt , which in turn also  shapes the body, as it registers the experiences already felt inside the womb.

Magnified Healing


1STphase Review and Advanced Studies


Teacher-Director Celebration


Master Teacher

Magnified Healing® cleans, balances, reintegrates and harmonizes all the chakras, sensitizes and activates the nervous system and redistributes calcium in the spine, works and balances karma. It also activates and expands the Threefold Flame in the Heart and prepares us for Ascension. It works on the physical, emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual levels using sacred geometry, breathing and affirmations.



Reiki Level I

Universal energy application technique or Prana.  Through the laying on of hands it is applied to specific points of the body for energetic and physical revitalization. 


Workshops, Conferences, Experiences, Courses

  • systemic money

  • Tarot and Hermetic Philosophy

  • Akashic Records

  • Logic da Life

  • Drum shamanic

  • Sacred Feminine

  • Apometry

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